Thursday, December 02, 2004

Welcome to NBA's Finest

Check it - this is about more than points, boards, and assists. Don't get me wrong, I love the game and I watch it with more than a cheerleader mentality, but I'm not here to be another Tim Legler or that God-awful Tom Tolbert. I just want to have some let's get down to business.

The question I'm here to answer in delicious detail is: Who's the finest, hottest baller of them all??

Now since this is the first post, I'm not going to name names just yet. But here is a preview of what's to come:

Sweetest Guy in a Sweatband (Total oxymoron I know but gives poor saps like Derek Fisher a chance...but not that much)
White-hot White Boy (Sczsxcerzerbiak according to my white girlfriends, but what do they know)
Guy who got fine only AFTER he retired (Hint: He ain't doin anything for the Bulls now)
Hottest Halfie - ie, mixed person (Because I looooooove this PG but I ain't blind)
Finest Foreigner (The only way they'll make any list on NBA's Finest)

Now here's how I do:
Each category consists of 5 guys and 5 guys only. They will be ranked according to a scale of 1-5 with 1 meaning Daaaaaaaaaaamn You Fiiiiiiiiine!. The Top 5 Hottest NBA Guys will be a list updated every month or so, sometimes the winners of subcategories competing against one another (ie, Sweetest in Sweatband vs. Finest Foreigner). I reserve the right to immediately yank any hottie off the list after seeing him with some nasty skank (ie Tara, Paris) or just seeing him in some bad lighting.


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