Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Chris: King of Kings for the Night


Chris Webber hit the game winning 3!

All you haters in Michigan and LA, yes you read that sentence right and hell didn't freeze over either. (Oh by the way, did you happen to catch the Sonics-Lakers game? :) Anyway back to the winning Cali team, the Kings and the Bucks were tied with 3.4 seconds left in the 4th. Like Game 7 of the Twolves playoff series last year, in a team that includes proven - beyond proven - 3 point shooters (Peja, Bibby), the ball goes outside the arc to...C Webb???

I just bent over at that point. The faces of my Michigan relatives saying "I told you so" danced in my head.

But...NOT THIS TIME! I am so thrilled for Chris. He's been called every name in the book, blamed for everything outside Indy but he keeps chuggin along...on one knee to boot. All we can say now is:

Take a bow, Chris, take a bow. Or skip if you prefer. Whatever floats your boat.

One sidenote though: Now I can point to at least two occassions where Chris was given the ball beyond the arc(!) - instead of the 2 time 3-point champion(!!) and Mike "Crunch Time" Bibby(!!!) - with the game on the line(!!!!). If he refers to the team as anyone else's but his again, I swear I'm gonna kick him in the kneecap...the good one!!!!!

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