Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Notes on the Pistons-Knicks Game

How does this fool have a job?

I'm watching the Pistons-Knicks game (by the way, I was subjected to my third Kobe interview of the day) but I don't think Tom Tolbert is. The refs would blow the whistle and Tolbert would go "Walk" as you hear the announcer say "3 second violation." His observation on Jamal Crawford's defense: "Well he should be good because he's tall." Seriously, how does he have a a play-by-play announcer no less! Do you just fail up in the NBA?

And this motherfucker has the nerve to charge $20,000+ for speaking fees! Who the fuck is you to charge that much??? That's Bill Clinton-Colin Powell $$$. Honestly, what has he done to justify any speaking fee??

Here's the link though if you want career advice on how to succeed without any talent:

By the way, Pistons won.


n00nz said...

That guy doesn't know anything about basketball, i don't know how half the guys get their jobs.

the one that gets me is Bill Walton. Jebus, i thought he was gonna suck some Shaq baston when he would do the Lakers games...

Courtside said...

Oh My God - Bill Walton makes me want to rip off my ears and shove them down his throat.