Thursday, December 30, 2004

Pistons vs. Wizards

Following Chauncey's game-winning basket, Wizards coach Eddie Jordan referred to the game as being "very close to [playoff-type basketball]." Easy there, partner. Yes, your team is 15-12 and yes, you play in the Eastern Conference but damn, there are still 55 games left in the season. Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

PS. Free Jim Jackson!


Anonymous said...

whut is up wit u and jim jackson?

Courtside said...

I think it's a girl thing to root for the quiet guy, the one totally under the radar. Or maybe it's just a me thing but I love the underdog. Notice - not too many mentions of Lebron up in here.

Anonymous said...

It's cool that you like Jim Jackson but do you like him because of his skills on the court or because you think he's handsome?? The NBA is not a modeling contest. They don't care about how many women like you. They wanna know how well you can play the game. But if it's about looks, I think Tai Dillard of the WNBA is a fox!!