Monday, December 06, 2004

Disappearing act in Cleveland, Raining 3s in Sacramento and Portland

Vince was a mystery no-show for the Raptors' Saturday night game in Cleveland. "Food poisoning." Umm hmm. Further proving that all comparisons to MJ no longer apply.

Peja hit 6 3's last night against the Celtics! He ended up with 27 points while Brad Miller, CWebb, and Mike Bibby all got double-doubles. Good job, boys!

Even crazier than Peja's game, YQY hit EIGHT 3's and finished with 37 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists against the Blazers. Well he proved my "You skank, you tank" theory wrong...for now, anyway.

On any other night, I would have totally watched that game but the Jags were playing last night (Steelers @ Jacksonville). And on a channel that's actually airs outside Florida trailer parks! Amazing! That game was sooooo close and sooooo good. Damn you Josh for missing those 2 field goals (granted one was from 60 yards away, but you wouldn't have needed that if you had just made your 1st one)! No Scobee snacks for you!

Whew, sorry about that random NFL outburst. Won't happen again (especially since the Jags and the Packers shot themselves in the proverbial foot last night!).

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