Friday, September 16, 2005

Yay Yuta!

The Clippers signed the Japanese Earl Boykins, aka Yuta Tabuse. This should be fun. Have you seen the clip from "Year of the Yao" where Cuttino Mobley tries to explain soul food to Yao? It'll be interesting to see what pearls of wisdom Cat passes along to Yuta this season. C'mon NBA TV, follow the Year of the Yuta! With Yuta, Cuttino, Sam 'The Mouth' Cassell, and the two crazy Chrises - Kaman and Wilcox - you're talking ratings gold here!

Monday, September 12, 2005


Sir Charles got last night's Hurricane Relief Game rolling by declaring, "We can go a day without 10 episodes of Law and Order." Major props to the NBA, TNT, Kenny Smith and everyone involved for doing a hell of a lot more than the people already profiting from Katrina. In addition to the game last night, players and teams have been helping out all week long.

Avery worked the reporters...

while Jeff van Gundy worked the crowd with his bright red hat.

You gotta love Amare's shirt.

Notice the kid's nervous smile. It's nice seeing Ron Ron back in action, but I'd be a little anxious too with his hands that close to my neck.

Charles's best line of the night, on why the Hornets should play in Atlanta: "If they combine the Hornets' fans with the Atlanta fans, maybe they'll get a full crowd one night." Doesn't matter what the situation is, you can always count on the Chuckster to be the Chuckster.

Grant Hill just being Grant Hill.

Good job, boys.