Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Look at this fool. He can't even focus enough to look at the camera when it's pointed in his face. No wonder things like one-on-one defense and putting the ball in the hoop when he's 2 feet away from it are such mysteries to him.

Shit I'm starting to sound like Stephen A. Smith. But seriously, who doesn't have the right to sound like a raving lunatic after 11 straight minutes of 0 for 17 in the FOURTH quarter of a PLAYOFF game. And Rasho didn't even contribute to that at all. He was doing a damn good job of keeping the bench warm. C'mon Spurs! Another performance like that and my neighbors are going to call the police on me...for real this time. Apparently, repeated screams of "What the fuck are you doing!!!" are a cause for concern.

Seriously, What's Wrong with Boston fans??

The douchebag grinning like a jackass in the picture above as he, according to, "gestures at Philadelphia 76ers' Chris Webber," was the same one who was kicked out of the Palace and taken into police custody after throwing a coin at Allen Iverson while AI was sitting on the bench in the 4th quarter. Notice the hat. Red Sox fan.

Hey douchebag. Notice the look.

Beat his ass, Allen, beat his ass!!

While I don't normally condone violence, I think a specified ass-whupping directed toward those who are more than deserving of it (ie, insufferable Red Sox fans who somehow think winning once negates the fact that they're assholes and absolves all actions that result from said condition) is more a timely and justified act than a violent one.

Notice how I place the blame squarely on his being a Red Sox fan rather than the more obvious choice of him being an overzealous Piston fan. My reasoning is as follows:

1. The motherfucker's wearing a Red Sox a Pistons Detroit (Auburn Hills). Absolutely inexcusable. If you want to watch a baseball game and take cheap shots at players, mozy back on down to the trailer park or go back to Boston where shit like that is acceptable.

2. Seriously, what sort of deluded sociopath or straight-up dumbass do you have to be to wear a Red Sox hat to a Sixers-Pistons game?? And then try to start some shit??? With AI?!?! An insult to basketball fans everywhere.

3. I have family in Detroit and I like them more (ie, they're tougher and would likely do more to me than throw a coin at my head or take a lame swipe at my face) than my friends in Boston.

Ahh it's good to be back.