Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jerry Sloan Mad at Gordan Giricek; Kyle Korver Punished

In the buildup to Pats-Giants, I completely missed the news that Kyle Korver was traded to the Utah Jazz for Gordan Giricek, Jerry Sloan's latest whipping boy. Giricek was the one that acted up yet Kyle is the one being banished to Utah. I guess the strategy of trading away the team's most popular players didn't end with Billy King. Poor Philly. Poor Kyle.

Roger Goodell: Not Such a Grinch After All

The NFL called a brief moratorium on their war with the cable networks and are allowing us mere mortals to watch the Pats go for 16-0. Normally, I'm against congressional oversight of sports, but this time, I'm glad someone stepped in. Seriously, two multi-billion dollar entities squabbling over dollars. Jesus.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I want to see the "Denver Patriots" go 16-0. More specifically, I want Brady to demolish Peyton's TD record. Screw Peyton and his insufferable commercials! I can't think of a more annoying athlete, except Vince Carter and Derek Fisher.

Anyway, enjoy the game.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Wishing You a G.O. Christmas

This is the Christmas card I would have sent had any of my friends actually known who Greg Oden was. My best friend is trying to learn, though, and even watched a "Texas Spurs" game. Even more shocking, she's agreed to watch the "Denver Patriots" play the Giants this Saturday. One of my cousins, who just moved to Pennsylvania, is a bit better, though, and said she'd try to go to "a Pittsburgh 76ers game." Sigh. And therein lies the reason I started this blog, which I realize I haven't written in forever, but I will be better in the new year.

Anyway, Merry Christmas!! Eat, drink...I would say don't drink and drive, but if you do, you'll only go to jail for 82 minutes anyway, so whatever. JUST KIDDING!!! Calm down. Seriously though, have a wonderful holiday. Stay warm. Special shout-out to the Heat, who have to endure the indignity of spending the day in Cleveland instead of Miami. I guess it really is Lebron's world.

Happy Holidays!