Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jerry Sloan Mad at Gordan Giricek; Kyle Korver Punished

In the buildup to Pats-Giants, I completely missed the news that Kyle Korver was traded to the Utah Jazz for Gordan Giricek, Jerry Sloan's latest whipping boy. Giricek was the one that acted up yet Kyle is the one being banished to Utah. I guess the strategy of trading away the team's most popular players didn't end with Billy King. Poor Philly. Poor Kyle.

Roger Goodell: Not Such a Grinch After All

The NFL called a brief moratorium on their war with the cable networks and are allowing us mere mortals to watch the Pats go for 16-0. Normally, I'm against congressional oversight of sports, but this time, I'm glad someone stepped in. Seriously, two multi-billion dollar entities squabbling over dollars. Jesus.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I want to see the "Denver Patriots" go 16-0. More specifically, I want Brady to demolish Peyton's TD record. Screw Peyton and his insufferable commercials! I can't think of a more annoying athlete, except Vince Carter and Derek Fisher.

Anyway, enjoy the game.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Wishing You a G.O. Christmas

This is the Christmas card I would have sent had any of my friends actually known who Greg Oden was. My best friend is trying to learn, though, and even watched a "Texas Spurs" game. Even more shocking, she's agreed to watch the "Denver Patriots" play the Giants this Saturday. One of my cousins, who just moved to Pennsylvania, is a bit better, though, and said she'd try to go to "a Pittsburgh 76ers game." Sigh. And therein lies the reason I started this blog, which I realize I haven't written in forever, but I will be better in the new year.

Anyway, Merry Christmas!! Eat, drink...I would say don't drink and drive, but if you do, you'll only go to jail for 82 minutes anyway, so whatever. JUST KIDDING!!! Calm down. Seriously though, have a wonderful holiday. Stay warm. Special shout-out to the Heat, who have to endure the indignity of spending the day in Cleveland instead of Miami. I guess it really is Lebron's world.

Happy Holidays!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Vegas, Baby

In Vegas for my brother's birthday weekend. Apparently, not even cracking his head at 1am last night and having to get it stapled shut is going to stop him from going. Will explain upon my return. Have a nice weekend.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yao-Nash Charity Game

We get another treat today. NBA TV is going to air the Yao Ming-Steve Nash charity game that took place in Beijing on September 14th. It will be on at 8pm EST/5pm PST. NBA players who participated in the game include Carmelo Anthony, Baron Davis, Leandro Barbosa, and Yi Jianlian.

Photo Source: NBAE

Charles Barkley on MNF

Did anyone else notice the Chuckster in the booth with Mike Tirico, Jaws, and Tony Kornheiser during the Redskins-Eagles game Monday night? I turned on the game to check the score during the second half, but switched to Prison Break before Charles said anything. He better not be abandoning TNT for MNF!


So for the past 2 years, I've waged a silent war against The New York Times online because they started charging for access to articles. I've read Maureen Dowd's columns since high school and the prospect of suddenly paying $2 per column was, to me, absolutely ridiculous. It's bad enough they charge $5 for the Sunday Times, there was no way in hell I was going to pay some ridiculous TimesSelect fee. However, I still needed my Maureen Dowd-Paul Krugman fix so I basically bribed people for their Lexis-Nexis passwords and then emailed myself the articles I wanted.

Well, today the New York Times has officially ended TimesSelect. Op-Ed, News, and all the other columns are now available as they should be - free of charge. This is also good for sports fans because Harvey Araton's columns are now available as well. We can finally read the columns Henry links to in full. Incidentally, today's Harvey Araton column is about the role Bill Russell plays as mentor to incoming rookies. Joakim Noah gets the conversation rolling by asking straight up if "[Russell] felt underappreciated while accomplishing all that he did in racially polarized Boston — 11 N.B.A. championships in 13 remarkable years — at the dawn of and during the civil rights era." An interesting read, as most everything involving Bill Russell is.

So yay! Release your inner nerd and enjoy V-NYT Day.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

So what have I been doing since I last posted (rather, what has been totally distracting me from posting)? Watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the funniest show since Arrested Development. My brother told me I absolutely had to watch this show, but considering his last recommendation was Ninja Warrior, I was a bit leery. But after he reminded me (less bitterly this time) that he knows all the lyrics to Rent and Ragtime - the result of being at the mercy of an older sister with a car - I gave it a try and now I'm totally addicted in a crackhead kind of way. The season premiere is tonight at 10, but you can also watch an exclusive pre-season episode on their MySpace.

This clip is from "The Gang Gives Back" (Season 2, Episode 6).

PS. I've noticed I tend to get along best with people who have similar taste in shows as me. I don't know whether that's due to vanity or bitchiness, but either way, here's a list of current shows I like. In no particular order:
  • Prison Break!
    • I was at a party in France and this guy, who was trying to act all cool, announced that Wentworth Miller was gay. My response was, "Speak for yourself and your little scarf, Frenchie!" Trying to ruin my Wentworth Miller crush is not a way to get on my good side. Nor is wearing a scarf indoors.
  • Heroes
    • I love Nathan, but this stupid Heroes character test told me I was Sylar. Whatever! Just because I would key some douchebag's car who deserved it....I'm really not Sylar.
  • 24, minus seasons 2 and 3
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
    • It's back! Yay! With Vivica Fox. Nay.
  • Real Time with Bill Maher
    • If you ever go to a taping, sit on the benches along the wall. They get to go in first.
  • The Office
  • The Wire
  • Scrubs
  • Family Guy
  • The Daily Show and Colbert Report
  • Ugly Betty
  • Lost
Photo Source: FX

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Shaq and Shaunie: Unhappily Ever After

One of the most popular NBA power couples has filed for divorce. More accurately, Shaq filed for divorce from Shaunie on Tuesday. According to the Miami Herald,

''The marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken." [Shaq's petition for divorce] further claimed that Shaunie has been ''secretive about her assets . . . particularly with respect to certain properties owned or titled in either [her] name alone or in other entities.'' He wants the court to order Shaunie to give a ''correct accounting of all money, funds, stocks, bonds, and other securities (including bearer securities)'' that she came into during the marriage.
You can read the rest of the article HERE. Shaq and Shaunie have four kids together and one each from a previous relationship. The last appearance they made together was at the ESPYs.

I'm as sad as I can be for a couple I've never met and don't really know. Although, Shaq is one of those people who inspires familiarity even without having personally met him. Shaq and Shaunie were definitely one of my favorite NBA couples. Best of luck to them both.

Photo Source: Social Eyes

Monday, September 03, 2007

On a Brighter Big Yellow Note

My love/unhealthy dependence on post-its is pretty evident. (If you don't believe me, click here, here, here, here, or here.) Well, I came across this cool article in The Post about people who collect post-its, grocery lists, and the like.

Bill Keaggy, the founder of, was leaving a grocery store one day when a sort of “silly serendipity” struck: he found a grocery list on a yellow Post-it note. The list itself was nothing special, but much like Raviv, Keaggy found himself fixating on the person it belonged to.

“It was so ordinary - and that’s exactly why it was so great,” he says. “I like the little things in life that people don’t pay attention to. But it’s details like these that make up the minutes of our lives.”

He was particularly struck by the honesty of grocery lists. They aren’t meant to be seen by anyone else, even though the contents of the grocery carts end up on a conveyor belt in plain view of everyone.

“One of my favorites was one that had obviously been written by a wife to her husband,” he says. “She wrote, ‘Coke, bread, milk, If you buy more rice I’ll punch you.’ And I just thought that was so great. There’s a life behind each list.”

Among all the Webcams and reality TV and MySpace pages and, whose slogan is “It’s OK to look,” there is something quaint and endearing about this voyeuristic fascination with the written word. It’s old-school nosiness of the small-town, front-porch variety.

You can read the rest of the article HERE. Hope you enjoy my quaint post-its along with my scrapes and bruises.


After reading about the upcoming charity game in China organized by Yao Ming and Steve Nash (which sounds totally amazing and wonderful, by the way), I tried to find a picture of a logo or something pertaining to the event.

Instead, I came across the picture on the left. For some reason, I find it totally unsettling and disturbing. (And I like Steven Klein!) It looks like it was taken by a pedophile, one that likes really big boys. Eeek!

Sorry for sharing. I'm also someone who finds the need to show people my scrapes and bruises after I fall.


Image Hosted by

Photo Source: NBAE/Getty Images

FIBA Americas Team Photos

Now that the FIBA Americas tournament is over, I thought I'd do a proper send off with some team photos. I love team photos. They remind me of class pictures from elementary school when someone inevitably ends up being caught mid-sneeze or picking his nose. For the most part, the teams photographed quite nicely. Here are some of the ones that stood out.

(Click to enlarge)
Perhaps I'm a little biased, but I feel Team USA photographed the best. It has nothing to do with looks, but more with the ability to get a group of 16 people to look straight and not blink at the same time. That's how you know whether a group of individuals can truly work as a team.

Additionally, I think the US and Canada had the best uniforms. They were simple and streamlined with the team name and number prominently displayed. Nothing fancy or difficult to read.

Argentina. They had the funniest picture by far. Chester the Molester in the front row looks like he's about to attack a ball boy as Luis Scola looks on in shock. Carlos Delfino looks like he wants to share more than his leg with his neighbor.

My one point of contention with Argentina is their flopping uniforms. The colors are great, the font is great, but where is the team name on that uniform? When Shaq left for Miami, I was talking to my cousin (a diehard Laker fan) and she started attacking him. I was like, "What the hell? You LOVE Shaq! You call him Shaq Daddy!!" And she responded simply with, "It's not the name on the back but the name on the front that matters." I think Team Visa should consider that before Beijing next year. Their fans came out in full force though. Face paint, flags, and bullhorns - they were a sight to behold.

Honorable mentions to Mexico and the Virgin Islands, two of my favorite teams to watch in the tournament.

Photo Source: FIBA Americas

Hey Big Spender

Image Hosted by

According to TMZ, Kobe dropped $21,000 at Blush, a new club at the Wynn, on Friday night. This wasn't a display of magnanimity, but rather a good old-fashioned pissing contest between Kobe and poker player Antonio Esfandiari. It all started when Esfandiari paid for two bottles of Cristal. What nerve! TMZ reports,
"Kobe wasn't about to be shown up by some puny little card player -- and kicked in for five bottles. Antonio, who's used to upping the ante, then switched his order to ten! Kobe ended the competition when he purchased an astounding 15 bottles -- and then left the club!"
No wonder Esfandiari is called The Magician. He magically made $35,000 disappear. It's moments like these that make me really appreciate Micky Arison. Despite his net worth being worth more than the salaries of all the players in the League combined, his flashiest adornment is his tan...and maybe the 2006 NBA Championship ring. Just goes to show that you can't buy taste.

Photo Source: TMZ

Sunday, September 02, 2007

All Roads Lead to China

Your last chance to see this version of Team USA together. On the Argentinian side, watch for Luis Scola, #4. He looks like an ugly woman. I miss Manu.

Photo Source: Beijing 2008

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Yao Ming: The Face of Love

Yao standing in front of the Chinese character for love.

This is what we call the honeymoon phase. Too cute.

Photo Source: Getty Images

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Image Hosted by
But sometimes, all you need is one word said in repetition.

Larry Craig (Republican, Idaho) resigned from the Senate today after news of his arrest in a Minnesota airport sex sting was made public. Craig allegedly solicited sex from an undercover police officer in the men's bathroom. Good luck in Idaho, Larry. But rest assured, Boise is only 640 miles from San Francisco. I even got you directions.

Craig also hired Billy Martin, Michael Vick's lawyer, to pursue his legal options. Well isn't Billy Martin versatile. From dogfighting to cockfighting. His parents must be so proud.

Photo Source: Metropolitan Airports Commission Police Department/Handout/Reuters

Team USA vs Puerto Rico


Win or go to another qualifying tournament next year. I'm thinking win.

Photo Source: FIBA Americas

Friday, August 31, 2007

And On The 10th Day, They Rested

And probably partied a bit. It's Vegas, baby.

Photo Source: NBAE/Getty Images

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Breaking News at Mexico vs Venezuela

The rim has fallen down! Nick Collison trying to take credit. Leo Rautins complaining about the extra warm up time for Mexico and Venezuela.

Update: The rim is back up. Horacio Llamas is testing its tensile strength as the crowd of tens looks on with bated breath. It has survived the Llamas test.

More bad news. The rim is not to regulation height. It's a half inch too short. Current time: 1:48pm. "Crowd" looks even more bored than usual. Team USA's 9pm start time may be further delayed.

1:55pm - Audience officially asleep. No, seriously. The one girl they keep showing in the stands is sleeping. Rick Kamla and partner trying to do their best to keep us entertained. FYI Kamla's wife does not like that he's not more of a handyman. Mercifully, NBA TV has decided to run the Amare Stoudemire halftime feature from last night's game.

1:59pm - Looks like the game may actually start. Another clip of the rim coming down. A portly hand with a white wristband is shown pulling at the net moments before the fall. Horacio may have been involved! Kamla just referred to this whole situation as "Rimgate." Hehe.

2pm - Tip off.

Team USA vs Argentina

MIDNIGHT EST!! Those of you on the East Coast who will be watching this, why? Just kidding. This is the last game of the second round. Tomorrow may be your last chance to see Horacio and co. Since the US and Argentina have the top two spots, the battle for 3, 4, and 5 and a spot in the Olympic qualifier next year is on between Canada, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay. If both Puerto Rico and Uruguay win, it's going to be a 4-way tie.

Here's the schedule for tomorrow:

  • 1:30pm - Mexico vs Venezuela on NBA TV
  • 4pm - Brazil vs Uruguay on NBA TV and FSN
  • 6:30pm - Puerto vs Canada on NBA TV
  • 9pm - USA vs Argentina on ESPN2
Photo Source: NBAE/Getty Images

Why Lebron Played Extra Special Tonight

In tonight's game against Uruguay, Lebron scored 26 points, making all 11 of his shots in the process. While some may attribute this to his sterling work ethic - Lebron would never mail in a game - the more likely reason was the presence of two people in the crowd of thousands maybe 2,000. Okay 1,000.

Jay Z and Beyonce watched Team USA beat Uruguay 118-79. As a tribute, Lebron threw up the roc, something he hadn't been doing (thankfully) as much during the tournament.

I just don't get the point of the whole roc thing. First of all, it's a Pilates move. I can never remember the names of all the moves, so I just give them my own names, such as "Jesus H" and "no way in hell." Anyway, there's one exercise on the reformer - I think the original name is shaving or shave to the head or something - where you make a triangle with your hands on your forehead and then extend your arms at a 45 degree angle. When my Pilates instructor first showed me, I just called it the roc to make it easier. Finally, she was like, "Why do you keep calling it that?" So I explained to her that it's an asinine thing Jay Z does that he gets all his followers to do, too. She then asked me why, to which I responded I don't know. So I'll ask this time, why? What's the point of throwing up the roc? And what makes it any different from Doug Christie's hand signals to Jackie? They're both meaningless and insipid and worst of all, unoriginal. It makes the headbop look inspired.

Okay, back to the game. It was close there for a hot second. Carmelo sat out because of his heel. Amare continues to shoot 3's and discovers yet another way to piss Shaun Marion off. Tyson Chandler got some playing time. Despite being down 30, the entire Uruguayan bench stood up and cheered when one of their players pulled down a rebound over 3 USA players. Did I mention the guy was 5'9?

This was the closest game in that it was the longest Team USA had gone without the lead. Tomorrow's game vs Argentina should be even better.

Photo Source: NBAE/Getty Images

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Who's the Fairest of Them All?

50-point victories aside, you think the boys are having fun in Vegas?

Photo Source: NBAE/Getty Images

Air Kendall

I couldn't find video of Levon Kendall in Air Bud, so this will have to do for now. I'm still looking for video of pre-Nolan Horacio.

Canada vs Mexico!

Watch Horacio NOW! If you wait, more than likely he'll have already been taken out of the game, so watch now!


  • Llamas just scored. The announcer mentioned he did this despite his "gravity problem."
  • Levon Kendall is looking good. And he's playing well too.
  • Kendall was a child actor???
  • Yup, he has an IMDB page. He was in Air Bud as "Additional Basketball Player."
  • Leo Rautins looks like he has a black eye. Not surprising. He's like the Mark Cuban of FIBA Americas. The officials must love him.

What's Stronger Than Oak?

Not me, not you, and not Charles Barkley.

Charley Oakley was on PTI yesterday looking fit and scaring the crap out of everybody. I will never question his physical ability again. His mental health, maybe, but his physical ability never.

Here are some of the highlights from his interview:

  • "If somebody call me, I'm ready to go at any time."
  • When Mike Wilbon referred to Charles Barkley's quote about old guys thinking about coming back - People forget why these guys retired in the first place is because they weren't good anymore. - the Oak got a gleam in his eye and responded with, "He talk more now, he ain't said nothing when he played the game...He couldn't come back, right now. He's about 450. When he see me, we'll talk about that personally me and him. When he hears this interview, he'll know. When I see him, he gonna go the other way."
  • About what he can bring to a team: "I can bring a lot to a team. Just my presence. I didn't win a championship but I've been to the Finals. I've been around great players who played the game. (Cue video of him with Michael Jordan.) Great coaches. I can bring a lot of influence. And that's what a lot of teams need - detail. You know, like a car wash. Manicure." Then he said something about a flower bed. I think he was still talking about a car wash.
  • "I can at least make 28 of the 30 teams."
  • Then, Tony got to the real possible reason of Oak's sudden desire to come back - he's writing a book. When Tony asked if Oak's return was because of his book, Oak responded, "Mmm, it's gonna be my whole career. I'm missing a couple chapters. I think Barkley just took one. If I don't come back, I'm gonna finish the book soon."
  • Back to Barkley, Oak said he'd give him a car wash, but won't clean out his car because of all the donut boxes in the back.
  • Of Reggie Miller: "He's a pioneer to the game. He's a class act, but he dress like Pee Wee Herman." (Cue photo of Reggie in a skinny gray suit.)
  • Finally, Tony and Mike asked Oak to assess his chances of actually playing in the NBA next season. Oak gave it a "6 or 7. You never know."
If Oak comes back, who do you think he would slap first? More so than Orlando, I think Dallas needs him. Finally, Avery would have a player as tough as he is. And we might finally see Mark Cuban get slapped, especially if he wears his Dancing with the Stars costume to a game. Yeah, we need Oak back in the League.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Watch Horacio!

Also watch for Levon Kendall of Canada, who is the spitting image of Tiago Splitter. Levon's so pretty I keep waiting for Billy King to draft him on the spot. Otherwise, Levon better run if Horacio gets hungry.

Update: Oops! Mexico vs Canada is not til Wednesday. Today (Tuesday), Mexico plays Brazil at 5:30pm on NBA TV. Canada is playing Argentina at 3pm on NBA TV and FSN. My bad. Here's the new post-it.

Photo Source: FIBA Americas

Round Two: Team USA vs Puerto Rico

Monday, August 27, 2007

Close(r) Call for Team USA

Team USA beat Mexico 127-100. It's the closest margin of victory thus far for the Americans. An impressive victory nonetheless, that is, until you see who anchored, literally, Team Mexico. To your right is the starting center for Mexico, Horacio Llamas. According to Wikipedia, he's "the best center Mexico has ever produced." To me, he's more of a (Kings era) Vlade Divac / (any era) Eddy Curry hybrid. At least we can take comfort in knowing that Argentina, the only other undefeated team, only beat Mexico by 21 points.

You gotta give him style points though. Look at him rockin the two-toned sweatband, the black tights, and the white knee socks. Less (we see) is definitely more (to our benefit).

Update: Lang Whitaker describes Horacio as having " the body of John Goodman and the style sense of Turtle from 'Entourage.'" (I don't watch Entourage, but I can only assume a 'Turtle' isn't very attractive.) Also, those aren't Dwyane Wade-style tights, but rather kneepads. Oh Horacio.

I'm just going to copy and paste some of Lang's other observations about Horacio here because they're hilarious, but to read them in full, click HERE.

  • On a lot plays, Llamas just ends up standing still as everyone runs past him in either direction.
  • Lamas takes a dribble to his right, then tries to go behind the back with a dribble. This confuses his own body so much that he ends up falling over onto his butt and turning it over. Nolan Richardson takes him out.
  • USA lobs it inside to Howard and Llamas just grabs him. If a chair had magically appeared on the court at that moment, Llamas would have immediately taken a seat. The man is completely exhausted.
  • Llamas!! I think he just polished off a pizza and large order of nachos while on the bench.
  • Kobe drives and Llamas swats the shot! That’s what a rested Llamas brings to the game.
  • After 90 seconds, Llamas is removed from the game, totally gassed.
Photo Source: FIBA Americas

And I Thought I Had Bad Taste in Men

During the Bengals-Falcons game, Joey Harrington Heisman Harrington told Michelle Tafoya that Falcons owner Arthur Blank told him he believed in him. Oh Arthur. If he was a woman, he would have been taken to the cleaners by every Kevin Federline wannabe out there.

Speaking of the Falcons:

It's not forgive and forget, but forgive. And hope for the best.

Manolo Cintron Van Gundy

He's saying Pat Riley tried to push him out, too.

Leandro: Still Lookin' For His Balls

Halftime in the Brazil-Puerto Rico game and the Brazilians are down 28-39. The game's not being televised but you can watch a live feed through Right now, I think Leandro is 1 for 9. C'mon Leandro!!

In an earlier televised game, Canada eked out a win against Uruguay. For some reason, Canada kept prolonging the game by needlessly fouling when they were the team up by 6 with less than a minute remaining. Umm, good job, Canada?


  • 4:37 left in the 3rd quarter, Brazil down 39-52.
  • Leandro actually has 12 points.
  • Puerto Rico's coach, Manolo Cintron, looks like the Puerto Rican Stan Van Gundy.

Round Two: Team USA vs Mexico

Nolan Richardson vs. Coach Krzyzewski

Coach K lost to Richardson in '94, but I have a feeling he's gonna win this time. Handily.

Team USA vs Mexico
Tonight at 8pm

Photo Source: FIBA Americas

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday, Michael Redd!

Image Hosted by

Team USA's premier 3-point shooter turned 28 yesterday. His knees turned 50. I always feel bad for NBA players when I see them swathed in ice after the game, or when I see the Chuckster hobble around TNT's studio, but then I remember they get a bajillion dollars to soften the blow. That plus the immense pleasure I get from watching them on the court makes it all worth it.

Photo Source: NBAE/Getty Images

Aww Leandro!

How can you not love Leandrinho?

Tayshaun's baby-faced Brazilian counterpart, Leandro Barbosa (left), who has been carrying the load for his team, was held to just 4 points tonight. Poor Leandro. Following the loss, he said,
"I knew that [Kobe] was going to come up and defense me and guard me like he did and all I was trying to do was get the ball, but I didn't have many balls in my hand. But that's OK. It's about tomorrow now, let's forget about this."
Hopefully, little Leandro is able to get more balls in his hand tomorrow against Puerto Rico.

Photo Source: NBAE/Getty Images

Tayshaun Noooooo!

Image Hosted by

Another reason for Pistons fans to hate Spurs fans: Tayshaun Prince sprained his ankle in the first quarter after landing on the foot of future Spur/current Brazilian Tiago Splitter. In the postgame press conference, Coach Krzyzewski (Damn! I almost did it without looking this time!) said he expected Tayshaun to be out at least 2 days. Hopefully, that's all the time it takes for Tayshaun's ankle to heal. The Brazilians, man, you gotta watch out for them. First Andy Rautins, now Tayshaun.

In honor of Tayshaun (and Andy - gotta love the Canadians), here's a song, courtesy of the J. Peterman crew: Get well, get well soon, we wish you to get well!

Photo Source: NBAE/Getty Images

Game 4: Team USA vs Brazil

Image Hosted by
Look who's waiting for you, Leandro!

Tonight at 6pm PST (early!):
Team USA vs Brazil

Update: Actually, it's NOT starting at 6pm because of a WNBA game. Sorry! Seriously, are you kidding me?

Update #2: Okay, the score is 8-0 so we haven't missed much, but just as I hate to miss the previews before movies, I don't like missing the beginnings of games!

Update #3: The crowd is chanting "Kobe." Is it too late to switch back to the WNBA game?

Update #4: :)

Photo Source: NBAE/Getty Images

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Game 3: Team USA vs Canada

Photo Source: NBAE/Getty Images

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy 29th Birthday, Kobe

Image Hosted by
Happy Birthday, Kobe!

I suppose for 2 minutes even I can wish Kobe a happy birthday. Plus Coach K, I mean Krzyzewski, said so.

Sidenote: It may be time for Mike Redd to consider going the Donovan McNabb route. Bald is sexy! Unless you're a Hasselbeck, in which case, it's just deserved.

Photo Source: NBAE/Getty Images

Team USA vs Virgin Islands

Okay, maybe this is what my post-it should have looked like:

Despite the score (123-59), I was impressed by the Virgin Islands squad. With 38 seconds left in the game and down 64 points, the ball went out underneath the US basket and it looked to be off Tyson Chandler but it was called USA's ball. Two Virgin Islands players went up to the ref to argue the call and then they continued to play for the remaining 38 seconds. I don't know what their mentality was, but it seemed to be don't lose by 64 when you can lose by 62. Basically, play til the very end. Is it any wonder Tim Duncan and Raja Bell are the way they are? Much respect to the Virgin Islands team. As long as they keep playing, I'll keep watching.

FIBA Americas: Day 2, Game 2

Photo Source: NBAE/Getty Images

American Gladiators is Back!

The show that inspired repressed athletes and repressed homosexuals everywhere is making a comeback! American Gladiators will make a return to NBC as a mid-season replacement this season. Woo hoo! Break out the red, white, and blue spandex! I'd rather take a Nitro-lookalike over My Name is Earl or backwards Prison Break everyday of the week.

Source: Variety via DListed

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thou Shalt Not Take Sheed's Name in Vain

Image Hosted by

USA vs Venezuela

Oh fuck. Bill Walton's the announcer?!?!?!

Wow, ESPN Classic, 11pm EST start time and Bill Walton. Team USA's really getting the royal treatment here.

FIBA Americas Update

5 minutes until USA vs. Venezuela!! Are people on the East Coast still awake for this??

Some notes from earlier today:

  • There were more people at the sushi restaurant I went to for lunch than there were in the Thomas & Mack Center during the Uruguay-Panama game.
  • The end of the Uruguay-Panama game would have been craaaaazy if that basket had gone in at the end of regulation after that ridiculous pass by the Panamanian team.
  • The number of people at Thomas & Mack has been steadily increasing throughout the day. Maybe by the start of the USA-Venezuela game, there will be an actual crowd!
  • I really hope Mike Krzyzewski doesn't get booed again. How embarrassing.
  • I'm going to keep spelling Krzyzewski until I learn it. Not easy. And I just learned Szczerbiak.

Congratulations Tom and Bridget! Hi Gisele.

Image Hosted by

THE baby, the Shiloh Jolie-Pitt of the NFL but not really, has come into the world! Bridget Moynahan delivered ex-boyfriend Tom Brady's baby son today in LA. Congratulations to the new mom and dad and girlfriend. I hope Bridget's doing well because it could not have been easy delivering that baby. Look at the size of her stomach! Congrats!

Photo Source: People

The Shaq and The Donald

Of these two, Shaq's the one wearing the hat??

Shaq and the Pink Panther were at Zo's Million Dollar Shootout at Trump National Golf Club. Also in attendance, Clyde the Glide.

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Summer Lovin'

We're about 10 hours away from the debut of Team Kobe USA. With the late start time and choice of channel, you'd think the NBA scheduled these games. I'm totally excited, but then again, I only saw like 7 basketball games all year so I'll take anything. I'm kind of worried though because I watched a lot of rugby and soccer while I was in France and there weren't a lot of commercial breaks in between. Actually, during the Super Bowl, France2 didn't know what to do with all the stoppages in play so while the American feed would go to commercial, the French feed would just stay on the empty field. Anyway, I watched the Bears-Colts game the other day and after the 20th commercial break (following Rex's umpteenth disaster) in the 1st quarter, I literally couldn't watch it anymore. It was too ADD. We'll see if I can sit through a game or if I'll have to start TiVo-ing everything.

Anyway, in honor of Team USA's inaugural game, here are some pictures from the summer. Go USA!

Andre Agassi with the Select Team. Sorry Kevin!
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Kevin Durant with new coach, PJ Carlesimo.
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Kobe, Amare, and Band Aid
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

F@!*$% NBA TV

Hey guys. So NBA TV - and only NBA TV - stopped working yesterday, TWO days before FIBA Americas (Is anyone else having this problem??) and I've been on the phone with my cable company trying to get it fixed as they keep insisting that even though my 400+ other channels work, there must be something wrong with my receiver. And because the problem must lie with my receiver they have to send a technician out, but oh wait, there's a week long wait. Umm, homey don't play that. So yeah, the technician's here now and hopefully all this will be sorted out ASAP! You know, when I got my HDTV, I contemplated switching to DirecTV, but ultimately decided against it. If anyone's in a similar situation, go with the DirecTV!

Update: I hate incompetence. When I lost NBA TV, I asked my neighbors if their channel was working. Sadly, none of them had NBA TV. (And I also found out through FundRace that some of them gave money to Republicans! I should have known then.) So I called the thus far unnamed cable company and asked them to check their TVs to see if the feed was working. The idiot passing herself off as a customer service rep was like, "Yeah, everything's fine here." So the technician, after climbing through bushes and attics and whatnot, calls the cable company and asks them to check the feed. Nope, not working. Problem found and solved in 2 minutes. AGHHHH!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

What to Watch

Finally, a reason to watch Rome, or rather Guest Host. I actually watched it the other day when Jim Gray was the guest host and Amare Stoudemire came on with this massive band aid on his ear. I don't know whether Team USA trainers are just as bandage-inept as Suns trainers or Amare has the worst ear infection known to man, but that thing is huge! It almost distracted me from Jim Gray's obvious baiting of Amare, trying to get a good quote about the whole Donaghy affair. Impressively, Amare refused to bite. And Jim Gray tried everything, stopping just short of accusing Donaghy of insulting Amare's mama. Haha.

Score: Shaq and Amare 2, Jim Gray 0.