Wednesday, August 22, 2007

FIBA Americas Update

5 minutes until USA vs. Venezuela!! Are people on the East Coast still awake for this??

Some notes from earlier today:

  • There were more people at the sushi restaurant I went to for lunch than there were in the Thomas & Mack Center during the Uruguay-Panama game.
  • The end of the Uruguay-Panama game would have been craaaaazy if that basket had gone in at the end of regulation after that ridiculous pass by the Panamanian team.
  • The number of people at Thomas & Mack has been steadily increasing throughout the day. Maybe by the start of the USA-Venezuela game, there will be an actual crowd!
  • I really hope Mike Krzyzewski doesn't get booed again. How embarrassing.
  • I'm going to keep spelling Krzyzewski until I learn it. Not easy. And I just learned Szczerbiak.


Marcie said...

Turned out Canada-Brazil was far more interesting for me to watch than USA-Venezuela. I love seeing players I haven't seen before *cough* fresh meat! *cough*.

And also, frankly, the minimalist production by NBATV was fun to watch. Even if one of the commentators kept calling Carl English "Alex." :)

Courtside said...

I agree! I just watched Canada-Venezuela and I'm starting to really like Team Canada.