Monday, August 13, 2007

Sibling Revelry

I was thinking about doing an NBA Sibling rank, similar to the NBA Parent rank, but have you ever Googled "NBA player" and "brother"? Not quite the results I was looking for. Instead, I thought I'd do a post on Frank and Andre Iguodala, the preeminent brothers of the League (in my humble opinion) as it's constituted now. They just also happen to be gorgeous.

Quick aside: I think the ultimate example of the bond between brothers is Larry and the late Justin Hughes. However, I couldn't even begin to do justice to that story, but there's a good example here.

Also, I know some people consider the Waltons to be the Mannings of the NBA, but when I look at Luke Walton, I'm sometimes struck by the thought, "So that's what Satan's spawn looks like." It sounds harsh, but think of what we're taught about the Devil: white, red-haired, insufferable. Now think of Bill Walton: check, check, check. Anyway, back to Luke's more pleasing ex-teammate.

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I sort of fell for the whole Iguodala family while watching NBA Rookies. His mother, Linda, was just so no-nonsense yet supportive - showing up to Andre's game against the Bulls in a Sixers jersey and responding to questions about possible heckling with "We're tough, too!" What really won me over about Andre was his genuine goodness. New Year's Eve in LA his rookie year, Andre still chose to come back to his hotel room early (11pm!) because it was the night before a game. Philly fans should be proud. Frank, aka FBI, participated in City Slam '06 where he apparently dunked over 3 girls. Cool family.

Honorable mention (including sisters): Dwyane and Tragil Wade, Joakim and Yelena Noah, Anthony and Candace Parker, Tony and Pierre Parker, Greg and Anthony Oden

Photo Source: Andre's official website

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