Tuesday, August 07, 2007

NBA Parent Rank

While I look for my NBA Rookies tape, I thought I'd make a fun little NBA Parent ranking. These are just some people who've impressed, amused, or inspired me. I think they serve as a good counter-model to Hollywood/sports parents who, because of their child's earning potential, forget the role they're supposed to play. The parents listed here are also probably the closest to my Mom, who wasn't afraid to kick a little ass (both literally and figuratively) when need be.

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I may revisit this list for future posts before the season starts. 84 days and counting...

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Anonymous said...

What about Gilbert Arenas Sr.? He was on Hang Time!

Courtside said...

Gilbert's on a 1 week timeout for his Carlos Mencia impression. His namesake will be on the list soon enough, along with Ida Smith and Greg Oden's mom.

Anonymous said...

Vince's mom!! are you doing a worst list too?

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