Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The WAG and The Bag

There is one absolute, incontrovertible way to know a WAG has arrived. It's called the Holy Grail of Bags and having one on your arm not only speaks to your status as a WAG, but also to the status of your man. It's the ultimate in arm candy for a woman. It's the Birkin.

To understand the power of the Birkin, imagine the desirability of the Air Jordan XI. And then multiply it both in price and demand by 1000+. It's not the type of bag a run-of-the-mill NBA millionaire can obtain. Nor is it the type of bag a run-of-the-mill WAG would want. The trashier set prefers Louis. (Seriously, what sort of imbecile calls her bag "Baby Louis" and gets it its own plane seat?!?) Thus, it was nice to see Mrs. Brandi Garnett (above, right) holding a simple, black Birkin on her arm yesterday. Even amongst the Birkin set, clearly there's still plenty of tacky to go around (above, left).

Though WAGs like Posh and Eva dominate the headlines, I prefer the Brandi Garnett's, Siohvaughn Wade's, and the like. Rather than distracting and detracting from their husbands, they stay just outside the limelight. In the picture above, Brandi's doing two things Posh rarely does:
  1. Smile
  2. Look at her husband's jersey
Which marriage seems healthier to you?

I'm totally guilty of buying into the hype, too. Although to be fair, Eva does smile. And seem interested in basketball. But more so in lots and lots of publicity. Anyway, for my part, I'm going to try and focus on the anti-Joumana Kidd's. Yay to the non-fame hungry.

Photo Source: NBAE/Getty Images

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