Tuesday, August 21, 2007

F@!*$% NBA TV

Hey guys. So NBA TV - and only NBA TV - stopped working yesterday, TWO days before FIBA Americas (Is anyone else having this problem??) and I've been on the phone with my cable company trying to get it fixed as they keep insisting that even though my 400+ other channels work, there must be something wrong with my receiver. And because the problem must lie with my receiver they have to send a technician out, but oh wait, there's a week long wait. Umm, homey don't play that. So yeah, the technician's here now and hopefully all this will be sorted out ASAP! You know, when I got my HDTV, I contemplated switching to DirecTV, but ultimately decided against it. If anyone's in a similar situation, go with the DirecTV!

Update: I hate incompetence. When I lost NBA TV, I asked my neighbors if their channel was working. Sadly, none of them had NBA TV. (And I also found out through FundRace that some of them gave money to Republicans! I should have known then.) So I called the thus far unnamed cable company and asked them to check their TVs to see if the feed was working. The idiot passing herself off as a customer service rep was like, "Yeah, everything's fine here." So the technician, after climbing through bushes and attics and whatnot, calls the cable company and asks them to check the feed. Nope, not working. Problem found and solved in 2 minutes. AGHHHH!!!!


Anonymous said...

I lost it at midnight, the morning after game six of the DET-CLE series.

That's the thanks I get for purchasing the NBA package.

Anonymous said...

I have DirecTV and I lost NBATV also about a week ago. I had to buy the Sports Pack ($12 a month) to have NBATV again.

Courtside said...

Jesus. And wait til the season starts and you have to pay $99 for NBA League Pass. I've resisted the past couple of years but I think I'm going to go for it this year. With my fingers crossed. And Time Warner on speed dial.