Thursday, August 02, 2007

The New and Improved Kyle Korver

I'm thoroughly enjoying Kyle Korver's transformation into the Angelina Jolie of the NBA. Not that he's out adopting kids from all over the world or anything, but in his commitment to charity work at home and abroad. When Kyle participated in Basketball Without Borders China in '05 (above, right), I thought he was doing it because he was relatively new to the League and well, David Stern made him. I figured it was a one-shot deal and then we wouldn't hear from him until he turned up in Page Six with Tara Reid. But since then, he's organized a coat drive in Philly and returned to BWB in Brazil (above, left). It's nice to know he's not just a pretty face.

Additionally, his teammate Sam Dalembert deserves major props. Not only in Sam participating in BWB Brazil, he's also going to the European camp in Paris afterward. Sam has also raised tens of thousands of dollars for his native Haiti. One thing we can say about the Sixers - there's a lot of character on that team.

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