Sunday, August 12, 2007

Joakim Noah: Officially French

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Joakim became a citizen on Thursday, thus allowing him to join Tony, Boris, and Ronny on the French national team.

When I saw this video, my initial reaction was, "Oh my God, Joakim hurt his ankle!" But then I realized he was just dancing. Cool ou pas cool?

Photo Source: ESPN, German Ventriglia


Henrik Löwenhamn said...

It would have been cooler if he played for the swedish national team. But I can understand his choise, since Sweden pretty much sucks. :)

Glad your back btw!

Courtside said...

Hey Henrik! Thanks.

I was actually going to go to Sweden to see the Northern Lights, but then I realized they were in Norway. :)

Plus, why is Sweden so expensive??

Henrik Löwenhamn said...

We're a posh country, living in luxury! We need someone else to pay for it!

And, we got as much Northern Lights in Sweden as those Norwegians.

Courtside said...

Really? Those lying Norwegians! Do you guys have the ice hotel, too? If so, then I'm totally there.