Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer Lovin'

We're about 10 hours away from the debut of Team Kobe USA. With the late start time and choice of channel, you'd think the NBA scheduled these games. I'm totally excited, but then again, I only saw like 7 basketball games all year so I'll take anything. I'm kind of worried though because I watched a lot of rugby and soccer while I was in France and there weren't a lot of commercial breaks in between. Actually, during the Super Bowl, France2 didn't know what to do with all the stoppages in play so while the American feed would go to commercial, the French feed would just stay on the empty field. Anyway, I watched the Bears-Colts game the other day and after the 20th commercial break (following Rex's umpteenth disaster) in the 1st quarter, I literally couldn't watch it anymore. It was too ADD. We'll see if I can sit through a game or if I'll have to start TiVo-ing everything.

Anyway, in honor of Team USA's inaugural game, here are some pictures from the summer. Go USA!

Andre Agassi with the Select Team. Sorry Kevin!
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Kevin Durant with new coach, PJ Carlesimo.
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Kobe, Amare, and Band Aid
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Photo Source: NBAE/Getty Images

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