Thursday, August 09, 2007

Somebody to Love: Chris Webber

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How is C-Webb not married yet? He’s intelligent, good looking, and has about $100 million in the bank. Oh, AND he likes kids. At a recent NBA Cares event, Chris said, “I could spend the rest of my life with a room full of kids.” Seriously, how is he still single?? Look at that smile! C’mon, ladies. Mark Cuban wants him. You should, too.

Chris Webber. Tall, dark, handsome. SINGLE! Go for it!

PS. In my great search for my NBA Rookies tape, I came across an old episode of Real Time with Bill Maher which featured Chris. They discussed the dress code and the Viking boat sex scandal. Chris more than holds his own against the mighty Bill. Watch it. He comes on about 2 minutes in.

Lyrics: Queen, Somebody to Love

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Anonymous said...

Sorry but I don't want him --- not since the truth came out about his basketball days at Michigan. Look at our basketball program now !?! Thanks Chris.