Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The T-Wolves: So Young And Yet Still So Unhip

The Timberwolves held a press conference yesterday to unveil their new young, sexy lineup. One of the attendees was Craig Smith, a 24-year-old out of Boston College who's entering his 2nd year in the NBA.

As if to show that Kevin McHale isn't the only out-of-touch member on the team, Smith wore a Vote for Pedro shirt. A must-have item...3 years ago. It'll look nice sitting next to one of Kevin's sweaters. Gotta love the new look T-wolves!

Photo Source: NBAE/Getty Images


Anonymous said...

Wow, there must be no NBA news going around today. You're really scraping the bottom of the barrel writing about something this un-noteworthy.

Courtside said...

Do I ever write about anything noteworthy?

Marcie said...

I love the minutiae - NBA's Best Parents rocked. Just found you via TrueHoop - keep it up, girl!