Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ode to Photoshop Eva

Oh Eva, Eva. Your beauty is as wondrous as the computer it was created on. As flawless as the graphic designer who toiled to make it just so. Some people look at you and see perfection, but Tony looks at you and sees dark circles and malnutrition.

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I recently catalogued my magazine collection and I have over 200 back issues of Vogue, W, and Vanity Fair. (For those of you who don't know me, that's only the tip of the crazy meter. They are all in perfect or near-perfect condition.) I love the pictures, clothes, articles, everything. However, I am well aware of the power of those images to fuck a girl up, especially if she starts thinking those images are real. Well, they're not. Even with the best makeup artists, photographers, lighting, etc, Eva Longoria's never going to look like Eva Longoria without Photoshop. So, girls. Don't feel bad about yourselves when you can make those getting paid a shitload of money to feel bad about themselves. Hello! They can afford the therapy. And guys, always make sure you know what a girl looks like in the morning. And love her all the more.

Addendum: My friend's mom told me that guys also better look at a girl's childhood pictures because you never know who's had what done! LOL. Mama knows best!!

Photo Source: iWANEX Studio (there's more where that came from) via Dlisted


Wendy Hernandez said...

She doesn't look bad in the untouched version. She is wearing eyeliner so that is why her eyes look smokey. She has better color in that pic too. So I don't get it. I doubt the first one is the untouched one bc she looks like a ghost and it just looks fake. It must have went with the magazine's focus for the shoot.

Anonymous said...

Are you on crack? Look at her arm in the untouched version...its thin as a twig. I guess if you like skeletal women its all good..

Anonymous said...

Her eyes are larger and whitened in the enhanced shot...her cheek bones are slimmed (reducing facial shadows) and her blotchy skin tones in the original are obvious....everyone does it, even sleazy skin mags - I know because they pay me to do it. Fantasy sells better than reality any day!!!