Monday, December 27, 2004

Q and D: The Boppsey Twins

So at what point do we acknowledge the quasi-homoerotic relationship between Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles manifested in their for-us-only headbop?

Just kidding. I'm not calling out Q or D. I'm calling out that headbop. I mean really, what is going on here???

Is this cute?

It was one thing when both Q and D were on the Clippers and it showed how tight they were. But now that Q's on the rise in Phoenix and D's...well, D's in Portland, it just makes me sad. I read on a review for The Youngest Guns DVD that Q and D don't talk that much anymore. (Brandy. Slut.) That was after the initial shock of actually seeing a DVD on Q or D. But beyond that, the headbop just looks stoopid stupid. Minus the millions of $$$, the muscles, and the skillz, this is what the headbop truly looks like:

It ain't pretty.

So until Q and D are doing their Jay and Silent Bob thing again, NO MORE HEADBOP!

See, it really does exist.

Link to article on The Youngest Guns:

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