Friday, December 10, 2004

Top 5 Hottest Guys / December

5. Tim Duncan
4. Allen Iverson
3. Emeka Okafor
2. Jim Jackson
1. Dwyane Wade


Here are the qualities that I look for:
Is he fine?
Is he young?
Is he single?
Does he seem to have a good personality?
How are he and his team playing?

Based on the qualities above, my boyfriend Jim Jackson didn't make the Top 5 -- he's married and aside from the Spurs game, the Rockets ain't doin that hot -- and I thought That ain't right so basically I just picked my 5 hottest guys. I put DWade at #1 because he will not be ignored this year.

I'll post the original list in the comments section, and now that I've paid JJ his due, January's Top 5 Hottest Guys will actually follow the guidelines above.


Courtside said...

Original 5:

The finalists were Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Caron Butler, JJ, AI, Melo, Emeka, DWade, Casey Jacobsen

5. Emeka Okafor
(Lost points b/c of his team)
4. Caron Butler
(Lost points b/c of his team)
3. Casey Jacobsen
(Gained points b/c YQY was disqualified and the Suns are blowing up)
2. Dwyane Wade
(Gained points b/c his stats are through the roof this year but lost points b/c he’s married with a kid)
1. Tony Parker
(Gained points b/c Spurs are getting off to one of the best starts in years and he’s young and single)

Anonymous said...

#1 Mike Bibby ! Not Tony Parker YUCK ! you need glasses and a hearing aid!