Thursday, December 09, 2004


Tracy McGrady.

Holy hell.

I was on the bike at the gym watching the Rockets-Spurs game when T-Mac scored 13 POINTS in 35 SECONDS and hit the 3 at the 1.7 second mark. I couldn't help it - I screamed "Oh my God!" at the top of my lungs. Well, three trainers came running in to find me sitting on the bike with my arms in the air like I was Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France or something

and I just yelled, "Tracy hit another 3!" ...And then I was kicked out. Well worth it though.

Did you see the look on Gregg Popovich's face?? It wasn't the Derek Fisher look, but you could see the blood rising.

This is why Pop is my favorite coach:
In the postgame interview, Craig Sager asked him, "How do you think Tracy McGrady got hot?"
Pop's response: "How'd he get hot? Is that what you asked me? How the hell should I know!" Followed immediately by "The Glare" in Sager's direction that clearly meant "You imbecile!" Classic Pop.

By the way, the Idget Jeff van Gundy is my 3rd favorite coach.

PPS. My boyfriend Jim Jackson was out with the flu. :(
But he looked HOT in his cream suit!

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