Sunday, December 26, 2004

NBA Coach I Love: Don Nelson

3 reasons why I love Nellie:

1. Named his son Donn instead of Don so that he wouldn't be a "Junior"

2. Has the best Buddha Belly in the league

3. Has the best, most consistent response to bad calls/calls he doesn't like (hands on hips, Buddha Belly out, face enraged). The Rasheed Wallace of coaches if you will.

3a. Who else can get himself kicked out 93 seconds into a game? C'mon!

After Mark Cuban fires him for that little idget Avery Johnson, I think Nellie should remake himself as the John Madden of the NBA. He already has the look and the coaching pedigree. Plus he's funny as hell and, more importantly, willing to laugh at himself. He's the most dynamic coaching personality in the league and it's about time he sells his soul to Nintendo and is immortalized in Nellie 2005 for PS2.

How could you not love this man??

He even makes a Brick Wall laugh.

C'mon Cuban - make one of your patented "Nash isn't worth that much"/"Van Exel for Jiri Welsch" moves and fire Nellie so we can get this ball rolling.

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