Thursday, December 09, 2004

Troy Hudson no more!

So I went to the Twolves website looking for some pictures of KG and his mom and there I stumbled on something that rivals the Pow and Batti-man pictures. TROY HUDSON IN CONCERT!! Ahahahahaha! Wait til you hear the name of his concert. Brace yourselves.

From the Hard Hood to the Hardwood

Oh my God. And it's not Troy Hudson when he's in concert. It's T-Hud baby! Hmm, do you think his pigtails are for the show? Minnesota area fans or anyone else willing to fly to Minnesota for a good laugh: There's still time! Tickets are still available!

Show Info: Sat, Dec. 18th @ 7pm
$18.75 - Advance
$21.75 - Door
$51.75 - VIP (but hey, you get a T-Hud signed poster and you get to meet the Renaissance man himself)

T-Hud's album - "The Stress of Both Worlds" - is gonna drop winter 2005. I can't believe I just wrote that sentence. Hmm, maybe T-Hud will be the Artest of next season. Spree can be Stephen Jackson.

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