Friday, September 16, 2005

Yay Yuta!

The Clippers signed the Japanese Earl Boykins, aka Yuta Tabuse. This should be fun. Have you seen the clip from "Year of the Yao" where Cuttino Mobley tries to explain soul food to Yao? It'll be interesting to see what pearls of wisdom Cat passes along to Yuta this season. C'mon NBA TV, follow the Year of the Yuta! With Yuta, Cuttino, Sam 'The Mouth' Cassell, and the two crazy Chrises - Kaman and Wilcox - you're talking ratings gold here!


Slightly Mad said...

hey, u there? =)

Anonymous said...

Inernational ballers are really infiltrating the NBA. I think its good, they're style of play is how bball was meant to be played....without all of the frills and egos.

Slightly Mad said...

yea, well, I don't think anyone who watches nba will find european (or any other) basketball leauge thrilling... it might be better in technique and teamplay but whatever you say, nba is waaay better for the spectators.. I'm not saying this because I'm American, cuz I'm not, but that's the way it is, no offence =)

btw where are you courtside? I've been expecting a post on the new dress code.. :P the season's startin tomorrow, we've missed you =)

Karakash said...

and he's waved today:(