Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Super Bowl: A Black-White Thing

I love watching all these "experts" make their picks for the game tomorrow. It's funny b/c now that Donovan McNabb is in the mix, all these people who never claimed Philly before (ie, Kobe "I'm from Italy" Bryant) are suddenly rocking the #5 jersey. It's also interesting to see politics at work in the Super Bowl, ie. white people backing New England and black people backing Philly. I was watching Around the Horn the other day (I know, you're thinking Why? but it's better than Cold Pizza!) and Michael Smith who lives in Boston and covers the Pats still picked Philly. Awesome!

Whatever - Boston fans are annoying anyway. Seriously, even when I lived there I couldn't bring myself to root for the Red Sox (nevermind the fact that I really can't bring myself to root for a game where noooooothing happens - click on Fox, score 1-0 and people standing around, flip back to show, flip back to Fox 30 min later, score 1-0, people still just standing around - AUGH the inanity of this game only rivals that of golf).

Anyway, despite the Boston fans, I still like the Patriots. Bill Belichick reminds me of Gregg Popovich and anyone who knows me knows how I feel about Pop. (Absolute.Adoration.) I was going around saying how much the Patriots reminded me of the Spurs, but then I heard Mike Breen or some other douchebag like that say it during the Spurs-Lakers game and that was the last of that. Still I love the way Belichick runs his team and that organization.

However, how could you not absolutely love Donovan and his Mama. Let me hear your battle cry!

In my young, juvenile days (as Shaq would say) I always picked which team I liked based on who had the cuter quarterback. Oh shut up – like guys really care about tennis or softball. Tom Brady would be the obvious choice here, but I have to say I’m going with Donovan and Philly. Donovan’s charming in a way that Brady's not (Have you seen Brady's interviews?? Snore.) and it's not like he's a slacker in the looks department himself. Plus, his mom - so cute in her pimped out #5 jersey - rocks the house.

Aiight time for some Magic-Cavs!

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Courtside said...

Better example:

On Inside the NBA, Chuck and Kenny picked the Eagles while Ernie went with the Pats.

Dang why didn't I think of that before I admitted to watching Around the Horn!