Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Steve Nash vs. Kings

This goofy bastard is the reason why the Suns are 2nd in the West and all FIVE starters are going to All Star Weekend.

Onto the game...

C Webb got the triple double but Amare...DAMN! That block at the end of the game was sick! Amare blocked Brad Miller's shot at the last .01 second of the game, denying overtime. Thank God they had those tents set up on the way to the visitor's tunnel or else it would have been raining cups and beer over at Arco. When are people going to learn: Defense is sexy!

By the way, at the end of the game, Chris Webber kicked the ball into the stands and Brad Miller threw his armbands into the stands (and not in the good, "Here ya go, kid" kind of way). Boys, you play the Sonics next. Don't leave us with a starting front court of Peja, Darius Songaila and Greg Ostertag!

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