Thursday, February 17, 2005

It's Gon' Get Dirk Nashty Tonight

It's so refreshing to see players who are tight both on and off the court. It's like hearing how everyone on Friends were really friends. You don't hear it very often with ballers so when you do and it's actually true - unlike Carmelo and Lebron's Nike sponsored friendship ("Uhh yeah, we tight.") - it makes you feel all warm and toasty inside. It's too bad Nowitzki and Nash are no longer doing the Texas Tandem together, but then again, it's great to see each guy coming into his own and stepping his game up another level. Let's hope though that this time, Nash remembers to not pass the ball to his old pal Dirk (11.16.04 @ Dallas: 10 turnovers).

By the way, while I'm very glad to see 4 really good teams play tonight (well, more like 3 1/2...actually, just 3 and KG), I hope all those All Stars playing tonight and this weekend don't get hurt. That means YOU, Steve! And what's going on with KG's knee? All I've been hearing lately is how KG shouldn't be playing at all right now. I know he wants to get the T'wolves into the playoffs, but I hope he's thinking long term too. I admire his effort and tenacity more than anybody, but at 28, he's not exactly a spring chicken anymore. Grant Hill lost some of his and Tracy's best years playing when he shouldn't have and the premature loss of KG would be devastating for the NBA and its fans. Okay, maybe not devastating but it would suck. BIG time.

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