Thursday, February 10, 2005

Stud of the Month: Kyle Korver

1. He's the NBA's latest heartthrob
2. He's going to All Star Weekend (albeit via the 3 point contest)
3. He hit the game winner over the Pacers
4. He got 1,446 people to donate coats for a chance to meet him.

5. He even got AI to rock one of the kids' jerseys he gave away.

It's good to be Kyle Korver.


Corey said...

AI looks pissed as hell to be wearing that jersey.

I love your site, it's part NBA, part Wonkette. I'm throwing it on my blogroll. Not that it'll give you great exposure or anything, but it doesn't hurt :)

Courtside said...

Thanks, Corey. If I knew how to actually use Blogroll, I could return the favor.

Corey said...

No problem, but the occasional visit over to the site is always appreciated :)

Courtside said...

The Korean baseball cartoons are hilarious.