Saturday, February 19, 2005



Anyone, anyone who says watching this
is more exciting than watching someone jump over a man AND dunk is clearly not right in the head and should immediately be removed from office. :)

That being said, OH.MY.GOD. DAP for Josh Smith, or J. Smoove as he likes to be called - remember he ain't goin to no colij and when you can dunk like that, who needs spelling?

My favorite dunk though was Amare's alley-oop off Steve Nash's head. That was sick! Seriously, is there any locker room you would rather be in right now? After the dunk contest, Cheryl Miller or somebody asked Amare how he and Steve came up with that and he said, "We do that stuff in practice." Somebody start filming the Suns' practice sessions please.

Thanks, boys, for bringing the Dunk Contest back (Sorry J-Rich)! I'll even sit through 20 more Chris Andersen dunks to see that shit again!


Corey said...

And here I had high hopes for Brent Barry 2K5.

J-Smoove and Amare gave the people what they wanted. I'm glad the NBA stop fiddling with the gimmick and just said "Hey if you want to enter the contest, do something original."

I think Andersen just mistimed his lob again.

Courtside said...

I felt bad for Birdman. I like him. Last year, he was one of the most exciting guys out there. This year though - damn! What is in the water in New Orleans??