Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Chris Webber Trade, Part 2

Here's what was published on the Sacramento Bee's website this morning:

Every year, it's Chris Webber.
Headed here or there via trade, it's not really an NBA season unless the Kings forward's name is dropped a dozen or so times, regardless of rumor merit.

"I've heard it so much over the years," Webber said Tuesday night. "I didn't hear that I was coming to Sacramento. (Now) I don't want to trade this for the world...When this type of thing happened before (earlier in my career), I would become an introvert. It became a burden. As you get older, you learn to laugh at it. Not making the All-Star team (this season), hearing about chemistry problems, you laugh. I know I still believe in us."

Not only that, in the same article, writer Joe Davidson talks about how Matt Barnes "steps up" whenever Peja can't play.

And should Stojakovic not be ready for the six-game road trip?
"I'll be ready," said Barnes, a former Del Campo High School star. "I know what I have to do to help this team."

Damn, Peja just got rid of any and all potential threats to him in one swoop. He IS Michael Corleone. Who'd have thought that the same guy who disappears every playoffs had this in him?? He always seemed so soft, so emasculated. Oh my God, forget Michael Corleone...Peja's Keyser Soze!! Watch your back, Mike!

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