Saturday, February 12, 2005

Notes on Spurs-Nets

Pepe Le Pew Parker. A face that only Eva Longoria can love.

Anyway, onto the game. You know, you'd think that with the Spurs coming to down, the focus of the Nets would be on...I dunno, the game. However, spotted at the Joseph Abboud fashion show at Bryant Park by Page Six: Richard Jefferson, Brian Scalabrine, Nenad Krstic, and Lawrence Frank. Now Lawrence Frank is someone who could definitely use some fashion guidance (Exhibit A:, but during the middle of the season, the day before the League's best record comes to town hardly seems like an appropriate time. Bill Belichick may catch some flack for his sweatshirt but here are some other words that go along with him: genius, dynasty, champion. I can't imagine Belichick going out to dinner let alone a fashion show the day before the Colts come to town.

Yes, I realize a 16 game regular season is very different from an 82 game regular season, but you wonder why some NBA players have trouble focusing on the game when their coaches are even dazzled by the lure of celebrity.

Now, really onto the game.

Look at Vince. So tough. So emotional. So into the game. Where was all that the last 7 years in Toronto? If I was a Raptors fan, I'd be suing his ass for failure to deliver on paid goods or something, anything to get my money back.

Bruce Bowen. His new name is Jesus because if he can get that reaction, any reaction out of Vince, clearly he can wake the dead. Now normally I'd be siding with the shooting player in a situation like this, but I think Bruce Bowen brings more to the game than say a Danny Fortson. I don't think his intentions are to purposely undercut or injure other players. Plus it's Vince. You can only take his histrionics so much.

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