Saturday, January 08, 2005

A Stern PSA

You gotta love David Stern for trying his best to get kids to go to college before entering the league - ie, the little plug in the 1st half of the Spurs game of Bruce Bowen going back to school to get his degree so he can show his nephews how important it is, not to mention the endless Coach Carter commercials. (I wouldn't be surprised if it was really Stern underneath an elaborate Sam Jack mask.) Sadly for Stern though, those valiant attempts will fall on deaf ears so long as the Lebron James gravy train keeps rollin through the league.

Speaking of Bron-Bron, did you see those retro uniforms the Cavs are rockin today? Holy hell, they look like renegade members of the Lollipop Guild! What goes in the closet should stay in the closet.


Robert Lindsay said...

Hey I love the pics on this site! And I'm not even a basketball fan. :) Best pic of all though, is the pic "It Takes an Idiot To Destroy a Village". Chuckle. And I thought all baskeball fans were rightwingers.

Courtside said...

I think you have us confused with MLB fans. :)