Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Notes on Blazers-Kings

Mayce Edward Christopher Webber III. Darling. NO MORE 3's! We know you hit the game winning 3 in Milwaukee, but despite what Shaq said, one lucky shot does not deserve another. You play with Bibby, Peja, and now Steve Francis's left hand. Unless some Bruce Bowen-KG hybrid is all over them, even on their worst day they need to be taking that shot. The Blazers are currently the 12th seed and playing without Zach Randolph. Against better teams - you know, the ones above .500, the ones you're more likely to see in the playoffs - there won't be many second chances (unless your name is Ben Roethlisberger). We've already forgotten your missed 3 against Minnesota in Game 7. It's okay. That wasn't a shot you should have been taking in the first place. You're 6'10! You need to get back in the paint. After all, what are we - Euros?

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