Friday, January 21, 2005

Funniest Moments From Rockets-Magic

1. In In Good Company, Dennis Quaid's 51-year-old character goes in for the dunk during a company basketball game and the ball ends up stuck between the rim and the backboard...And he ends up on the floor, legs and arms all over the place. Funniest scene in the movie. At one point during the game, Steve Francis started driving towards the basket, a foul was called, but Steve being Steve kept going, wanting to showboat. Anyway, the ball hit the side of the rim and I thought he was gonna go down like Dennis Quaid. Okay, so that wasn't the funniest moment but just imagining the Franchise lying there like Dennis Quaid made me laugh.

2. In the 4th quarter, with the Rockets leading but the Magic still uncomfortably close, Bob Sura jacked up a 3 that hit the side of the backboard. After a scramble for the loose ball, David Wesley ended up with it. Sura started waving his arms and jumping up and down, calling for the ball. Mind you this was seconds after his shot hit the side of the backboard. Needless to say, Wesley wisely took the ball in for the easy 2.

This actually qualifies for both funniest and saddest:
3. So I really haven't paid Dwight Howard any mind because I thought Emeka Okafor should have gone 1st, not some snot-nosed, brace-faced high schooler. Anyway, I'm watching the game and they cut to #12 and I was like "Daaaaaaaaamn! Who that is! Who that is!" He turned around and that's when I saw the back of his jersey. Howard. "Oh Gawwwwwwwd! He's like 12 years old!" I wailed to my best friend. Which takes me to my other point about having an age limit in the NBA. These motherfucking high schoolers are making me feel like a pedophile. (Okay, so he's 19 and only 4 years younger than me, but still I don't need to feel all old and pervie when I'm watching the game.) Age limit, David Stern! Or at least, like Howard, you have to wear your age on your jersey.

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