Monday, January 03, 2005

Addendum on AI

My supreme guilt for having repeated some trash about AI compels me to write something more balanced on him. I feel hyprocritical extolling Kyle Korver for his heart and then doing the Page Six post because AI, like Rod Tidwell, is "all heart, motherfucker!" As everyone says, you either love or hate Allen Iverson and I happen to love him. I don't think he's infallible and I definitely question him at times, but one thing I never question is his heart.

Well, this is about as "balanced" as Fox News but at least I've assuaged some of my guilt.

Bottom Line: For all the negative stories and perceptions about Allen Iverson, this is the guy who after getting beat by Denver in a last minute, disappointing loss, when all he prolly wanted to do was get the hell out of dodge, still stopped for the little kid in a Sixers jersey begging for his sweatband and gave it to him. That's for real.

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