Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It's a flare! It's a flare! No, it's karma, baby!

So Richard Jefferson is out for the year with wrist surgery. And Jason Kidd may still manage to hobble on over to the West. This would leave Mr. Carter with Jason Collins, some dude named Nenad, Rodney Buford and Travis Best...and a dash of poetic justice. Did I mention the Raptors are a half game up on the Nets?

I'm not saying I'm glad Richard (I refuse to call him RJ because he doesn't belong in the initials only category) Jefferson got hurt. I'm just saying you can't beat karma.

Now Vince said he's finally a "little hungry" and ready to give his all...Well Vince, here's your chance. Prove to everyone that it's about more than you. Show us you respect your team (no matter who's on it) and the game.

And this time, we're watching.

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