Saturday, January 08, 2005

Mark Cuban: Presidential Material

I just read on article on the Kansas City Star website where Mark Cuban calls on Bush to cancel inauguration parties and instead donate the money ($30-40 mil) to tsunami relief efforts - Ain't happening. In the article, Cuban also says that he voted for Bush.

At first I was outraged, disgusted. Then common sense came over me once again and I realized of course Cuban voted for Bush. Here's the guy who refused to pony up $30 mil for the heart and soul of his team - citing budgetary concerns - then gave Erick Dampier (currently 8.2 pts, 7.5 rebounds and falling) $67 million! Of course he'd vote for the guy who cut funding for Head Start and other programs designed to benefit this country - citing budgetary concerns - and then proceeded to drop billions of dollars on a losing cause.

The championship and the war - neither douchebag is winning either.

By the way, this is coming from someone who loves Dirk Nowitzki, Michael Finley, and Marquis Daniels. Oh and who can forget my tribute to Nellie.

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