Monday, January 10, 2005

Really? That was mooning? Really?

"Randy Moss mooned Lambeau!"

What!? After getting that email, I turned on SportsCenter to see the NFL's version of Ron Artest and the cup. And here it is...

That's it. After hearing the hype surrounding it - "obscene," "vulgar," "end of civilization" - I thought I was gonna see some ass! This should be as big a deal as Terrell Owens doing the Squirrel in Ray Ray's face. It's all part of the game - the fun part in a game where people are bashing each other's heads in!

I am so sick of the FoxNews-ing of America. It's the "You're evil and you're going to hell if you do it, but it's okay if we do it" hypocrisy that allows Bill O'Reilly to crucify Bill Clinton for adultery and Ludacris for being a black rapper, while he talks the dirty-dirty to someone not his wife. Green Bay fans can moon, curse, whatever they want to you as a player, but if you "moon" them - those good, God-fearing Wisconsin folk - then you're the anti-Christ. Oh please. Like Randy said in the post-game, "You better talk about that W we put on Lambeau Field." And there's the real problem those Cheeseheads had. They got spanked in their mythic stadium in a game they were supposed to win. So who's the poor sport?

This is the NFL! It's the NBA! It's sports! Let's shut up and have some fun. Randy Moss was.


Dub V.2 said...

I wish he'd have fruit bowled 'em! Oh and for your Doug Christie collection check out,

Courtside said...

Thanks for the link.

By the way, I can't believe your Sonics beat the Heat again! God bless those contract years. Speaking of contract years, unless your initials are KG, AI, or TD or you are known strictly by your initials, you should only be able to get 1-year contracts, thereby making EVERY year your contract year. Let's see them half-ass it then!

Courtside said...

PS. I almost forgot - VC doesn't count!