Monday, May 16, 2005

What to Do

No bball tonight...very sad. I got to open a book and actually read it. Shocking. Okay I lie...the book was Sports Illustrated and the subject Randy Moss. Always interesting.

Did anyone read ESPN the mag from last week (with Rashard Lewis and Shawn Marion on the cover)? Inside there were some tight pictures of Manu Ginobili with him rocking the black pinstripe suit and fedora. You know what always gets me about Manu? (What?) He carries himself with such swagger on the court that you expect him to sound a certain way off the court, like Tony Montana or even Fenster from Usual Suspects. Instead it's well...not. It's like when I heard David Beckham talk in his pipsqueak voice for the first time on Ali G. I was like "Oh, noooo." Manu's not that bad, but it just takes that edge off his swagger a little. Ah well, he's still cool as hell. I'm sure he sounds sexy in spanish...or do they speak argentinian down there? Hmm... Either way, in the immortal words of Charles Barkley, "GINOOOOOBILI!"

He better pick it up tomorrow night though if he wants to put up two fingers! Go baby go!

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