Friday, May 20, 2005

From Class to Ass(es)

Thursday night started with a show of mutual respect between the Pistons and the Pacers and ended with some Seattle fans out-assholing their team.

After Timmy went down clutching his ankle in the 4th -- a moment that probably made everyone in Texas gasp and drop the hay from their mouths -- people actually started cheering. When he got up and started walking around, they booed him.

Now I realize they lost Vladimir Radmanovic and Rashard Lewis and have been listening to Ray Allen go on and on and on about Bruce-Bowen-this and Bruce-Bowen-that, but honestly. How you gonna boo Tim Duncan of all people, especially when he's down. And you should really think twice before booing someone who plays for a region that boasts such rational luminaries as David Koresh, cow farmers who sue Oprah, and Dubya. Is the cheap thrill of booing someone really worth that cross burning in your yard? Oh I kid the state of Texas. I even went there once...and saw enough confederate flags to ensure I never go back unless the Mavs ever win a championship because you know Mark Cuban would throw the biggest party Texas has seen since Walmart first opened its doors and made the liberal, gay-lovin' Piggly Wiggly obsolete.


Ms Apple Bottom said...

I was at the game. He got booed because the refs were to gutless to call a rightly deserved delay of game.

Courtside said...

Duly noted.