Saturday, May 14, 2005

5 Hottest Guys Left in the Playoffs: Nominees, Part II

Keyon Dooling, Should be eliminated but on the list because D Jones isn't
Udonis Haslem, Before he dropped 40 pounds
Damon Jones Ooh, I just found out his baby's mama is a WNBA girl. I don't think he's married but the possibility of getting my ass kicked by a size 13 woman's shoe is enough to eliminate him from the list

Gilbert Arenas
Kwame Brown Let's not even go there
Brendan Haywood Noop
Larry Hughes
Antawn Jamison I know he's married (to Vince Carter's sister-in-law no less), but I love him. He handles himself with such class and grace. I'm glad he's found a home in DC
Etan Thomas

Rip Hamilton
Darko Yeah right
Tayshaun Prince

Stephen Jackson I don't know if he's married, but let's just say he is
Fred Jones
James Jones
Reggie Miller, Divorced. Did you see his Beyond the Glory? What a bitch
Jermaine O'Neal, Let's hope he doesn't name his daughter "Jermajesty"
Scot Pollard He and his wife named their daughters Lolli and Tallula. Just goes to show he makes an ass of himself on and off the court
Jamaal Tinsley I just can't believe that he's not really 39 and Reggie's not really 27.

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Anonymous said...

yeah reggies wife was a big bitch but he can get better than her