Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Eva Longoria

I'm still trying to decide whether Eva's my hero or just a ho. I think I'm going to do a list, like the episode of Friends I saw last night. And who says TV isn't educational?

Hero: Dating/fucking the French starting point guard of the 2-time champion San Antonio Spurs.
Ho: Dating/fucking everyone else too, including the gay one from 'N Sync.

Hero: Has a personal escort to her seat from the Spurs locker room (the shoulder on the right of the picture).
Ho: Nothing ho-ish bout that, unless she's fucking him in the tunnel or something.

Hero: Gets to meet and chill with TD and Pop.
Ho: Bitch gets to meet and chill with TD and Pop.

Hero: Not a Lakers fan even though she lives in LA. Clearly, she knows something about basketball.
Ho: Perhaps previously hunted by Karl Malone and just scared off.

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Believe1818 said...

Check out the new D. Wade Converse TV spot. Pretty sicko...