Monday, May 09, 2005

Nash's MVP: David Stern's Olive Branch to Canada

I wrote earlier that Steve Nash winning the MVP was David Stern's way of giving Shaq the extra motivation he needs to beat Detroit. How silly and naive. Now I realize the truth: this was the Commissioner's way of saying to Canada, "I'm sorry about Vince Carter." What better way to assuage the anger and bitterness felt by Canadian fans from Toronto to Vancouver than to reward their one and only? I'm not saying Nash didn't deserve it...I'm just saying Shaq did. The Big Fella's only won one regular season MVP. How you overlook a 7-foot, 325-pound behemoth is beyond me.

Ah well. The bigger crime is D'Antoni winning Coach of the Year over Rick Carlisle. How the hell he got a team with two starters pushing 40, one with one arm, one who's 27 but walks like he's 40, and one who's, well, Stephen Jackson, not only in the playoffs but into Round Two...that's some shit.

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