Saturday, May 07, 2005

Dirk: It's Time to Get Alive, It's Time to Represent!

Who says Euros aren't tough?

This is the Dirk I want to see more of today - tough and a little nasty.

I want to see a shoot-off between Dirk and Tracy (Dirk Tracy, haha), I want to see Josh Howard get a little rough with Yao, I want to see Yao get mad (or his version of mad anyway, which just seems to make Tracy laugh), I want to see Avery and Jeff get into it on the court, and in the end, I want to see Dallas to win if only to keep seeing all those Dirk commercials - "I call her before the game, after, I don't know what to do."

By the way, going back to Game 6, did you think you'd ever see a 6'5'' guard have to protect his 7'6'' big man?!? Oh Yao.

If Houston wins though, imagine an all Van Gundy finals -- we could have Jeff Van Gundy vs. Alonzo's leg, Part 2. But if Steve Nash did really win the MVP, I want to see Shaq go all MJ-on-Karl-Malone-in-'97. I wonder if Stern iced the MVP envelope to give Shaq the extra motivation he needs to get past Detroit.

Aiight, time to stock up on drinks. C'mon Reggie, c'mon Dirk. Oh speaking of the Celtics-Pacers game on Thursday, did someone forget to tell me that it's actually 2002 and they're playing in the Western Conference Finals??

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