Thursday, May 19, 2005

Mavs @ Suns, Game 5

Well, Dirk's face pretty much says it all. The Mavs got smacked in the face. And by Jim Jackson of all people. And on the day when Dirk finally beat out KG for a spot on the All-NBA First Team, he only pulls down 10 boards. 10. Steve Nash even got 13. Earl Boykins is somewhere saying, "I can get 10 on this team and I'm coming off the bench. By the way, I have enough poison in my body to kill an elephant." Random thought: I wonder what Little Earl thinks of that Nike spot comparing him to a little blue frog. On the one hand, he has his own ad, which honestly how many people thought that would happen. But on the other hand, he's getting compared to a little blue frog. Lebron gets to be a lion, Dirk gets to be an eagle, Sheed gets to be fire (I mean honestly, how much cooler can you get than fire)...and he's a frog? I love those spots though. Very well done. But I digress...

Back to the game. Mavs lost it in the first 2 minutes of the 4th quarter. Josh Howard had a shot to be Jannero Pargo at the end of the game, but came up short...very short. One thing I don't understand - Avery keeps talking about how important it is that Erick Dampier stay in the game. So why does he (Damp) keep going home with minutes and 1 or 2 fouls to spare? Let him Yao Ming himself out of every game if he's that important. Don't just leave him on the bench with 4 and then berate him in the post-game for not contributing. If he fouls out with 0 points and less than 10 boards, then by all means rip him a new one. But if he has fouls to spare, he needs to be doing something other than keeping Keith Van Horn company. But who am I to question the Little General and his A Team. That spot from Game 4 was fucking hilarious. For those of you who missed it, TNT did a little A Team parody called "Avery's Team" with Avery as Hannibal, Dirk as Dirty, Darrell Armstrong as D.A., etc. They played the music and everything. I especially loved how they included the clip of Avery's fall in Game 1 when doing his introduction. Was there a better character than B.A. Baracus?? I feel like the relationship between B.A. and Murdock is similar to that of Damp and Dirk. Okay now I'm just rambling. I'm going to stop before I start talking about Swans Crossing.

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