Saturday, May 14, 2005

5 Hottest Guys Left in the Playoffs: Nominees, Part I

I figured I better do this before Washington gets swept out tonight and Dallas self-destructs (c'mon Big D!). Since D Wade has enough people riding his cock after the whole 50 Most Beautiful People in the World thing - which I have no problem with, but you got to spread the love - I decided to limit this to the single (ie, unmarried) boys. Baby daddies are okay, because face it, it's the NBA.

List of eligible bachelors, some crossed out for obvious reasons (since Blogger doesn't have a strikethrough feature, pretend the underlined names are really crossed out):

San Antonio:
Devin Brown
Tony Parker
Beno Udrih

Ray Allen I think he got married last summer, but either way, all his bitching and moaning is pissing me off
Nick Collison
Reggie Evans Yeah right
Rashard Lewis
Vlad Radmanovic Did ya see the hair in the Kings series?
Luke Ridnour I think one white guy per team is enough

Marquis Daniels
Devin Harris
Josh Howard
Dirk Nowitzki

Joe Johnson, You know he’s single b/c after that nasty fall, he went to his mama’s house to be taken care of...too cute.
Shawn Marion
Quentin Richardson Brandy…need I say more?
Paul Shirley, Almost fell victim to the one white guy only rule, but Jake Voskuhl’s married
Amare Stoudemire

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