Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mavs @ Warriors

Just when I thought nothing could possibly beat the sheer entertainment value of Robert Sarver's chicken flapping game, the Mavs and the Warriors engaged in one of the funniest cockfights in recent memory. I know I enjoyed the game waaaay more than I should have, but that was one of the most entertaining, ridiculous games I've seen.

First, you had Mike Dunleavy, Jr (Mike Dunleavy, Jr!) Stephen Jackson-ing* out after he got tossed for screaming at the ref in a way that would have made AI and Sheed proud. Seriously, who knew he had it in him?? And why do I think he's hotter than ever?

Don't let that pale exterior fool you! Underneath he's got the heart of a beast!

By the way, reason #159 why I love Marquis Daniels: while Dunleavy showed what a white kid from the right side of the tracks could bring to the game, Marquis just kept his chill self on the bench and covered his mouth with his shirt so people wouldn't see him cracking up. I love Marquis!

The rest of the game was just a comedy of errors. Dirk vs. Baron. Dirk vs. JRich. Josh Howard vs. Baron. Golden State fans vs. Bill Spooner. Hilarious. And is it just me or do Zarko Cabarkapa and Nikoloz Tskitishvili look exactly alike? And does Mike Montgomery go to the Mike D'Antoni school of hair care?

After watching this game - the second nationally televised Golden State game in like, what, 5, 6 years - you gotta feel for Golden State fans. You can't even say they've been jerked around because that implies at least some pleasure and after seeing/hearing all their pent up frustration during the game, clearly there has been no pleasure in the Chris Mullin era. At least Philly fans have been to the championships a couple of times. Bay Area's either the Warriors, the Kings, or the 49ers. It reminds me of the age old question - would you rather get the rack, the iron maiden, or the bonfire?

*Stephen Jackson-ing out refers to removing your jersey after you've been summarily tossed from a game, throwing said jersey over your head like a helicopter before throwing it into the crowd, and walking into the tunnel with your arms raised like it's Fight Night. By the way, this was also a scene in Mighty Ducks 3, but with Portman instead of Stephen Jackson...And yes there was actually a D3 and yes I did watch it.

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