Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Detroit What??

Do you ever look at the crowd while you're sitting at home watching the game - especially a really good game - on your non-HD TV and think, "They are so NOT worthy!" I get that feeling every time I see a sleeping kid, a bored housewife, the entire front row at a Lakers game, and more recently, after I got an email from my dear cousin, the JD/MBA. My cousin, one of the smartest girls I know, went to the Spurs-Pistons game with her parents, also equally intelligent people. However, this is the email I got the day after (my comments are in red, blood red):

Hey! I just checked out NBAsFinest (plug!) and saw the pic of the Spurs guy who got carried off the court. I guess that was Tim Duncan? (Oh dear God) Hahahaha. I still don't know everyone's name.

And I guess Larry Brown is in the hospital for some knee surgery or something?
(hip, ego, whatever) So Joe Dumars was coaching. (Huh?) This was funny: dad was like, oh Joe Dumars is coaching. Mom said: Hmmm, some black guy is coaching the team. Then dad said: Joe Dumars is black. (Oh my God. They think Gar Heard is Joe D.)

I was dying after I got that email. I seriously just stopped laughing. Yeah I think I died a little inside realizing that members of my own family don't know who Tim Duncan is or that Detroit fans can't tell Joe from Gar, but what can I say, they're Republicans.

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